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February 18, 2018

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How To Eat Healthy When You Travel - Part 2: Eating and Drinking on Your Trip

November 16, 2017

This is Part 2 of our How to Stay Healthy When You Travel Series. Check out Part 1 if you haven't yet!




Once You Arrive

Remember how we said the key to healthy travel is planning ahead? This means buying & prepping some food you know will be nutritious and make you feel good throughout the duration of your trip.


When you arrive, hit the grocery store…. Whole Foods is usually a safe bet, but it's also nice to explore local co-op groceries whenever you can find them. If you want to be fancy, try AmazonFresh, groceries delivered to your door - err, hotel.


Here's a peek at my typical grocery list & planned menus. Although salads get a little old after a while, it's usually the easiest to prepare without a kitchen, and packs a ton of nutrition to keep you feeling awesome.





Since tap water can be extremely suspect and potentially ridden with harmful toxins (such as fluoride, which can be rough on the thyroid), I like to pick up a gallon or two of filtered water. According to the EWG, only three brands/products earned high ratings for transparency on their water source & quality of testing:

  • Gerber Pure Purified Water

  • Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

  • Penta Ultra-Purified Water.


Nestle Pure Life is usually easiest to find, and it appears to be pretty clean. {Fellow nerds: here are the water quality test results} Of course, it’s still in BPA bottles, but as long as you don’t leave your bottle in a hot car, you’re reducing your exposure compared to tap water.



Skip the grocery line altogether

If buying all of these groceries seems daunting, you can find pre-made meals locally, and have them delivered on the day you arrive. When I do this, I never have to worry about food from that point on. Hotel front desk staff is also very nice about keeping it cold. A quick google search can help with this. For example, “paleo meal delivery in Houston, TX” You’ll pay a little extra for your food, since it’s already prepared, but sometimes the convenience is absolutely worth it! See below for some other “packed lunch” options.



Eating Out & Eating in General



Portable nutrition is critical if you're on the go in the mornings. I buy Naked Juices, and they’re really yummy! But be warned - these things contai