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What's Causing Your Fatigue? Ten Reasons You're Tired and How to Get Your Energy Back

February 18, 2018

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Recipe: Maca Hot Chocolate

December 30, 2017


Maca is a root that comes in powder form. It's a rockstar food supplement called an adaptogen that can support your body's ability to physically adapt to all kinds of stress. 

Maca helps your stress hormones - cortisol being one - adapt to your daily life: if you need more, maca will help modulate up cortisol production. If you need less, maca will modulate down. 


If you're feeling a little worn-down or anticipate some stress in your life, try some! Adaptogens are known to be safer food supplements out there because their function is to gently adapt to your body's needs. There is low potential that maca will compete with other nutrients or vitamins w