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So you've got Hashimoto's or Hypothyroidism.


When it comes to Hashimoto's or managing low thyroid function, there's a lot of information out there. But what do you do with all of that info to start feeling better this week? It's time for a simple and step-by-step approach. Let's get rid of the noise!


If your health journey includes Hashimoto’s, a thyroid condition, hypothyroidism, or related autoimmune conditions as well, such as celiac disease, finding the information you need to feel like yourself again can be like drowning in a pool of websites, news articles, and conflicting opinions.


We provide a focused strategy and plan for addressing Hashimoto’s and the symptoms you might be struggling with, and we're confident we can help you improve your labs or symptoms when we work together. Don't let your symptoms run your life any longer.


Now's the time to take the wheel with your health. You decide how your thyroid story unfolds.



We'll continue adding to this section of The Summit Coaches website by adding thyroid resources, recipes, tips, and action steps you can start immediately.


But if you are in search of a guide, we're here to help you. Wouldn't it be nice to get some support – like someone to take you through the entire thyroid healing process – from someone who has actually DONE it and reversed autoimmunity? Then Summit Coaches thyroid team is here for you. Every single day we are helping people take back their health and live their lives!


Will this work?


Of the studies on health coaching for people with diabetes, every single case found that patients who worked with health coaches had significantly better and longer-lasting health outcomes than those who worked only with their doctors!


In fact... working with a virtual Summit Coach may reduce your visits with your doctor while you actively improve your labs and symptoms (Think of the time and money you might save!) 


Is it really possible to reverse Hashimoto's?


Absolutely. There are certain triggers and conditions that have to exist in order for autoimmunity and thyroid strain to be happening. The combination of these things is unique to each person. Once you take away those factors, your amazing body will know how to heal itself. We just need to give it a little love!



So here's our wish for you: 

Personalized support you need to make changes +
the ability to self-manage your thyroid condition.



  • Integrative medicine physicians specializing in Hashimoto’s or the thyroid can be hard to come by, and pricey!

  • Since it takes 10-12 sessions with a functional medicine specialist to reverse a condition, it can be difficult and frustrating to find the help you need NOW.

  • Online Hashimoto's programs aren't tailored for you and the unique challenges you'll have on your journey. What do you do next week when you're travelling for work? What should you do if you feel bloated after eating rice?








New resources added regularly

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How's your conversion?
Are you converting thyroid hormone properly? Your body makes inactive thyroid hormone, which has to be turned into the active form in order use it & feel fabulous. 
Let's see your latest thyroid labs. Type in your Free T4 and Free T3 results below.
  • If your gauge arrows point toward the right and to roughly the same degree, then you're likely converting well!
  • If the Free T4 arrow is higher than the Free T3 arrow, you might need help with conversion. This indicates a specific root cause might be driving your thyroid issues.
  • If your gauge arrows point toward the left, you may not be creating/getting enough thyroid hormone or something is blocking the hormone before it can be used.
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