Take steps toward healing your thyroid in just 5 weeks.

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  • Do you have or suspect Hashimoto's or hypothyroidism?

  • Do you or a friend/loved one have hypothyroidism?

  • Do you have an autoimmune condition?

  • Have you been feeling a little run down or 'off' lately? Tired of feeling tired?

  • Does your new year's resolution involve prioritizing or improving your health?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Thyroid in Five is for you.




  • This program is valued at $249.

  • A daily email with Thyroid in Five recipes, tips, food lists, and tools geared specifically for Hashimoto's & getting your thyroid on track.

  • Guidance & researched-backed information from a Functional Medicine-Certified Health Coach (with personal experience bringing Hashimoto's & hypothyroidism into remission)

  • Habits & skills you can take with you, indefinitely, to refocus your health whenever you're in a slump.




  • Each week features a new topic that's critical for thyroid health: Nutrition, Adrenals, Nutrients, Liver/Detox, and Gut Repair.

  • You'll get 1-2 simple action steps to choose from each week.

  • Downloadable tools & worksheets will help you focus and tailor your own plan.




  • This program is absolutely free.

  • We won't ask for any form of payment. If this program is helpful to you, please share with friends and loved ones.



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