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Functional medicine health coaching & nutritional therapy

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The Summit Quickie


  • 15 minutes of free coaching by video or phone call

  • Determine if hiring a coach is the right choice for you

  • Come away with one actionable item or insight that may help improve your health.

Best for:
Beginning to explore your health or chronic condition

The Summit Session

  • 75-minute video chat or phone session

  • Nutritional report & personal history review with customized, prioritized  recommendations

  • Choose your own coach & get personalized guidance on nutrition and lifestyle wellness

  • 2 weeks of email follow-up with your coach

  • Handouts, checklists, and tools to help meet your goals

  • 15% discount for life to save on professional-grade vitamins & supplements

Best for:
Strategy for chronic health conditions (Hashimoto's, adrenals, weight)

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This is Health Coaching for Real Life.
Meet of a few of our wonderful clients.

I feel really good about the changes I've made! I'm not perfect - there are still moments where I may slip up but that's ok.


Eating healthy was hard when I'm busy and working a lot. My doctor told me I needed to lose 20lbs. I succeeded in the past, but I couldn't maintain it. We changed my mindset: focusing on nutrients. My coach helped me get the nutrients I need and make good choices eating out. I also learned to coach myself so I can pick up if I ever fall off. 


I"m not having as many mood swings! Eating healthier has been a positive improvement in energy so I can better deal with the stress in my life. Thank you!

After 3 miserable months, I found the support of Stephanie B. She found me in a fragile and desperate state. She listened to the whole story—she asked questions about lifestyle, former medical history, my living environment, stresses etc.


Although doctors had asked many questions, Stephanie listened and heard at a different level, with a different lens. A lens that was clear and wise. She saw and heard different struggles.


Everything happens for a reason. Finding Stephanie was a gift. I have learned much and feel much more in control of my own health and body. I am healthier overall, as a result of this experience. As with many of life’s struggles, I wouldn’t have asked for it, but I wouldn’t trade it.

~ Paige




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